Baileys Farm was built around 450 years ago and ran as a working farm for centuries. Now a smallholding, it is still home to an impressive array of friendly creatures.

We can take you on a guided tour through the property and land if you’d like to explore and meet all things furred and feathered, but please don’t venture through any closed gates on your own.


Nelson: Our main welcoming committee, Nelson will chat to you if you call his name.

Obi: Obi is the boss of our small herd of four horses. They can all be seen roaming the fields and scratching their bottoms on trees.

Gruffalo: Our rescue pig whose interests include mud, fresh vegetables, and being groomed with a barbecue brush.

Ralph: If you hear something snuffling loudly behind you, it is not a giant terrifying, beast. It is Ralph, trying to sniff (his face is a bit squashed).

Emus: (Do they have names?) These guys look and sound a lot like feathered dinosaurs. They like to inspect all new visitors from their field and they’re particularly interested in shiny things.

This is a busy, working smallholding with lots of animals: chickens, cockerels, ducks, a turkey, peacocks, emus, dogs, horses, cats, alpacas and a pig. They’re all very friendly, but if you’re worried about (or allergic to) anything on that list this might not be the place for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.